OPUVIA is an international social innovation, human and technology-driven company with headquarters in Silicon Mountain, Cameroon.

OPUVIA offers career and education services plus talent management solutions to a variety of stakeholders ranging from; Students, Graduates, Parents, Educators, Employers, Social Organizations and Government Departments globally, with a focus on operational excellence, strengthen collaborations and customer loyalty.

OPUVIA seeks to close the conventional gap between education and employment in Africa through result-driven, cutting-edge, customized and customer-centric services.

OPUVIA designs, tests, and implements unique primary, secondary and higher education models and

 credentials that address the rapidly changing economy and emerging technology opportunities in Africa.

OPUVIA demonstrates where technology, rigor and design can improve opportunity for historically underserved students to maximize their potential in the primary, secondary and higher educational systems.

OPUVIA works across disciplines and alongside schools, employers, entrepreneurs, governments, foundations, non-profits and innovators to solve Goal 1, 4, 10 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals vision 2030.

OPUVIA has significant experience managing international and local learning cohorts, working with organizations, government departments, social partners and vocational education and training providers.


Inspiring an education and career savvy Africa


Bringing together all stakeholders in the education and 

career industries to ignite change towards a savvy Africa